• 1990-2000
  • 2001-2005
  • 2006-2010
  • 2011-2015
  • 2016- · · ·
  • 1992 —— Former Dalite, the YALIPS was established.
  • 1998 —— Introduced die casting and sand casting and mold manufacturing process for outdoor lighting.
  • 2003 —— Introduced and passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification.
  • 2006 —— YALIPS moved to new factory and began production, covers an area of 50000㎡.
  • 2007 —— Dalite was registered and established.Introduced IM3 and kingdee system to realized Information management.
  • 2008 —— Officially entered the international market by taken ODM and OEM business.
  • 2010 —— Introduce LED technology and enter into LED and solar for outdoor lighting.
  • 2011 — 2015 Dalite develop and growup 30% yearly
  • 2015 —— Dalite finally transfor to international ODM and OEM.
  • 2016 —— Dalite target to become top 3 outdoor lighting export in China.

high efficiency process management

Since began production,Dalite attach great importance to process management.Since 2007,Dalite introduced IM3 and Kingdee ERP management system one after another and realized information management of procurement,manufacture and cost.
Manufacturing oriented to customers’ satisfaction, implemented manufacture planning management.Streamlined interior management and convenient external commnunication to ensure high effcient manufacture.

effective site management

Dalite’s site management aim at improve logistics efficiency,ensure customer requirements for products quality and ensure time delivery.Training and guiding employees to operate standardized strictly according to process requirements.Take concept of site management to establish and maintain good production site.Ensure to provide good working environment to developing products for customers.
  • ① mold design
  • ② materials preparation
  • ③ finish machining
  • ④ cnc numerical control machining
  • ⑤ Shot-Blasting Cleaning
  • ⑥ assembling
  • ⑦ led aging testing
  • ⑧ finished product testing and package
  • ● Once getting consensus of production development,Dalite will guarantee for products lifetime
    to customer, provide convenient production of spare parts,provide operation instruction and maintenance training.
  • ● Please fell free to contact us for any support during production running,we will Provide
    solution or suggestions within 24 hours and charging cost or without cost for corresponding services according to contract items.