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Dalite is a leading outdoor LED lighting manufacturer in China. We have been dedicated to
offering global partners customized lighting solutions since 1998.
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Explore our customized lighting solutions for various industries. Ensuring the perfect illumination for your specific needs.

Flood Lighting

Choose flood lighting for large outdoor areas like sports fields, parking lots, and buildings. Our LED flood lights are durable and bright.
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Wall Lighting

We provide elegant wall lighting solutions with adjustable and unique fixtures that accent, illuminate, and transform your space to perfection.
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Street Lighting

Make streets safer and brighter with reliable street lighting. LED lights, solar lights, and smart systems offer efficient illumination for pedestrians and drivers.
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Industrial Lighting

Our industrial lights enhance visibility and safety while being energy-efficient and cost-effective.
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Urban Lighting

Street lights, architectural lights, park lights, and accent lights create a well-lit and delightful environment for the city.
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Architectural Lighting

The use of architectural lights can enhance the beauty of architectural features and create an enchanting atmosphere.
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One-Stop Lighting & Solar & Clean Energy Manufacturer

Dalite is a leading one-stop lighting & solar & clean energy manufacturer with a complete vertical supply chain overseas. Our factories span over 1,000,000 ft², employing 1,000+ skilled workers and achieving a monthly production capacity of 300,000 units.
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Professional R&D Team

Through continuous exploration and practice, Dalite has cultivated a research and development team of over a hundred professionals distributed across various functional departments, including construction, electrical, optics, thermal, quality, and laboratory. Our team possesses insight, passion, expertise, experience, and innovation, striving for excellence and delivering high-quality results in every task.
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