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The market localization: DALITE’s Driver & control system product family
Product category: Driver, control, and smart wireless system.
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DRP TEX - Driver & Control System Product Family

DRP-TEX is a sub-brand of Dalite dedicated to the research and production of power supplies, controllers, and intelligent wireless systems. Our ultra-professional core R&D team and comprehensive product system have already earned our product recognition from European and American clients.

For Customer-Better product and life
For Partner-Superior return
For Empolyees-Respect and opportunity

Solar & New Energy Show

Solar photovoltaic power is a sustainable and environmentally friendly resource extensively utilized in modern city buildings, BIPV (building-integrated photovoltaic) structures, municipal public buildings, and lighting engineering projects. This power is also used in remote off-grid areas that lack electricity access, significantly improving the living standards of local people.
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