Solar Area Light

Elevate your outdoor space with our solar area lights. They're easy to install and maintain and provide warm, glare-free light where you need it.
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Customized  Solar

  • Demand Interpretation
  • Conceptual Design
  • Function R&D
  • Preparation and testing of functional R&D samples
  • Production realization
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Quality Solar

To ensure that the specified product quality requirements are met, IQC incoming material inspection, IPQC in-process inspection, FQC full inspection of finished products, OQC outgoing inspection are set up throughout the production process, and corresponding management measures and methods are taken for important quality characteristics and key stations to conduct overall quality management.
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Solar Case Study

We committed to offer our clients good performance,quality and value for ECO invsetment,especially for ECO energy saving LED products.
  • Landscape lighting

    Unique visual experience to beautify urban space
  • Industrial Lighting

    High quality lighting, create a safe and worry free working environment and improve the happiness of employees in the workplace.
  • Stadium Lighting

    Outstanding color rendering and color temperature, combined with uniform lighting 
    effect, ensure clear vision of athletes in the competition field.
  • Road Lighting

    Intelligent LED street lighting is not only economical, but also can achieve sustainable development, so it has become an ideal choice for today's cities and can successfully support their future needs.
  • Architectural lighting

    The architectural appearance is more attractive, enhancing the citizens' sense of pride.
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